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ABODI loves to create painfully beautful things. Through its unique creativity and ultra-contemporary style, the brand rapidly seduced demanding international fashion customers. ABODI’s signature style can be defined as baroque futurism; fusing ancient and futurism, opulence mixed with rigid, robotic technology creates a new religion. ABODI icon is the TWIN UNISUS, a mystical and powerful creature, a winged unicorn. Each collection is a new chapter in the TWIN UNISUS EMPIRE saga since 2013.

ABODI's accolades include: ON/Off & Artthread LFW (2015), FashionScout London AW1516 & SS2015 Catwalk Show (2014, 2015), Vogue Italy Dubai Mall project (2014), Future of Fashion program (2014), Domus Academy-Vogue Talents Special Awards (2013), Handbag Designer Awards in best overall design category with signature bags called 'Phoenix Bag' and 'Twin Unisus clutch'. (2012, 2013).

ABODI was featured by Vogue Italia, Vogue.com, Vogue UK, Vogue China, Vogue Netherlands and many other magazines. Celebrities as Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, Jena Malone, Bella Thorne, Diana Agron, Dj Chelsey Leyland, Lindsay Lohan, Tyra Banks, Fergie and many others chose her pieces.

The brand is conscious in representing an ethical point of view in fashion, not using real fur, exotic leathers or any materials from uncontrolled origin.

About the designer: 

Born in Transylvania and raised in Budapest, part of a creative family, Dora Abodi showed early signs of interest in fashion and began to draw sketches in her grandfather’s studio at a young age. She graduated from French Mod’ International Art and Fashion Academy and obtained a Masters in Fashion Design at Domus Academy Milan in 2013. 

''Citizens of Planet ABODI - Unicorns, pegasi, unisi, spaceship owners, timetraveller party people, teleportation experts, dreamers, galactic beauties, extraterrestial creatures, movie stars, popstars... - are all part of this magic land...Are you ready to arrive to Planet ABODI?"  (Dora Abodi)